2021 Season Recap

Preston Watson
3 min readJan 6, 2022


Well, here we are. At the end of it all. 2021 wraps up with some interesting final standings. The team that was strong through the whole season ends up snagging the championship as Parke wins it all by a mere 6 points. But nonetheless, the man got the belt. Congrats, Parker!

Now, here’s what everyone is waiting for…the final standings. Behold! And weep, you mere mortals!

League Winner — Parke

2nd place — Preston

3rd place — Lee

Last Place — Hunter

Your final standing place will also be calculated into the draft selection process for 2022.

Championship Wins (all time going back to 2012)

  • Alex Hough — 3
  • Preston Watson — 2
  • Parke Benjamin — 2
  • Will Lowry — 2*
  • John Ruiz — 1

Now, let’s get to the records and awards!

Most Points — Alex Hough with 2156

Least Points — Hunter Wilcox with 1627

The Al Gore Award — Getting the most points and wins throughout the season only to blow it in the end — Lee Campbell

The All Their Eggs in one Basket Award — This award goes to the team who puts all their confidence in their first round pick only for him to be an absolute bust, subsequently fucking them — Chase/Nick with McCaffrey & Will with Zeke

The Dreamcrusher Award — the dream crusher award goes to the team that destroys the dreams of playoff hopefuls the way that Travis ruined Jordan and Will. — Jordan

Invisible Man Award — The Invisible man award goes to the team that doesn’t show up to the draft but still somehow makes it to the playoffs — Lee

The Bubble Award — The bubble award is given to the team that is left on the outside looking in. — Jay

Fool’s Gold Award — This award goes to the team that starts off strong and looks like a championship team only to have their season slowly disintegrate — Weirdly Alex Hough

The Golden Horseshoe — the Golden Horseshoe Award goes to the team who falls ass-backwards into an all-star player without knowing who they are, such as Jamarr Chase. — Clayton

The Ryan Leaf — The Ryan Leaf Award goes to the team who drafts the most insanely bad picks during the draft process — Also Clayton (because he drafted freaking Lil Jordan Humphrey)

The Lazarus — The Lazarus award goes to the team that is seemingly completely dead and somehow comes back to life late in the season. — Chase and Nick

The Hollow Man — This award goes to the team who drafts a respectable team on paper, but disappears and lets his entire season dwindle into nothingness — Jay & John

The Samaje Perine Award -This award goes to the team that commits so many penalties during the draft process and commits to a taken player and is willing to die on the hill demanding them — Clayton (3rd year in a row as he chugged an entire half bottle of Knob Creek and subsequently drafted Lil Jordan Humphrey).

Onward to 2022. Draft is August 27th.